This is for me. To express my inspiration, my passion, my work. To display who I really am uncensored.
This is for finding myself and not being afraid to be that person everyday. For following my dreams and facing life's harsh realities. This is for me.


Chasing the Light

Brooklyn-based Zaria Forman  led an ambitious art expedition by sailing up the northwest coast of Greenland to retrace the 1869 journey of American painter William Bradford. Along the way she documented the changing arctic landscape which she would use for inspiration in several large soft pastel drawings seen above.



We’re excited to see the harness begin to take traction in the street style scenes. Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2013 runway show really hit the spot on how a harness can look sophisticated and edgy. Take note, we got one to shop, buy Jakimac’s harness here.

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As mentioned, the summer party planning should be in motion. July 4th is around the corner, how will you be celebrating?

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Mixing and matching works when there are subtle patterns in the design. When shopping for pillows, try to come up with your own pattern that makes seemly mismatched items feel matched.

Here are some ideas:

1 - Pick the same color hue or color palette and mix your patterns and styles

2 - Keep perfect order but use 1 or 2 pillows that throws it off

3 - Use the same pillow material but change up the colors or styles

4 - Stick to pillows from the same genre or them like Aztec, Scandinavian or Florals, but try different colors and patterns

Check out some of our newest pillows here:  B/W Metropolis Pillow, Flowers Pillow, Portrait Pillow, X & O Pillows, Carpe Diem Pillow

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It’s time to start daydreaming of your next greatest escape. Take cues from these gorgeous places - for example, buy a swing, build a floating outdoor table, or grow a garden.

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Creative director of Linea Pelle, Andrew Cotton, chats with us about his dream of designing for Mrs. Carter (or Beyonce as she’s known) and how a company that originally designs belts started designing bags. 

If you could design a bag for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Great question! I need to think on that one. The Queen of England! That broad needs to get up, get down, get funky , and get loose! Totally kidding! I think it would be someone understated who has natural grace and cool style—someone like Carine Roitfeld or Kate Middleton. And of course, Mrs. Carter (Beyonce as she’s known to the world).

Linea Pelle originally started as a belt designer, how did the company transition into bags?

It was actually Mira Katz (the owner of Linea Pelle) who lovingly inspires, executes, and produces some of the most chic and casual belts in the planet! Belts that are very runway, couture in feel, but really wearable; which is why it’s so much fun to mix it up with an uptown/downtown aesthetic. My own background is originally in accessories from hats & gloves to footwear to jewelry, etc. When I came on, we wanted to create a casual lifestyle brand that evoked a similar chic wearability—from then we launched into handbags. 

Have any celebrities worn the bags? If so, who? 

Absolutely! The Dylan frenzy really started with Marcia Cross (of Desperate Housewives fame) who carried her green Dylan Zip Tote everywhere. The press went wild. It might have been the combo of her red hair, the green bag, and her general casual style. Other celebs include Hayden Panettiere, Stacy Keibler, Denise Richards, Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, The Kardashian sisters, and more.

Linea Pelle is a Los Angeles based handbag, belt, and leather goods company that creates casual luxury goods for women that appreciate that perfect fusion between style and function.

Photos courtesy of Linea Pelle

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We’ll let the above speak for itself. 

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Check out our jewelry shop gals! 
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Check out our jewelry shop gals! 

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No summer is complete without some tie dye style. With help from Swellmayde, Design Love Fest and Sweet Paul, you could get your dip dyes & tie dyes near perfection. And for perfection, shop our tie dye scarves here, here & here and dip dye pillows here

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There’s nothing like a nap in a hammock. Whether your hammock is indoors or out, this vacation-like treat will mind numb you to a total zen state.  

Convinced? Get a sitting or queen hammock here

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